• Software Development

Custom Development

Why custom development?

✓ Limited time, resources or expertise to develop applications.

✓ Software packages available are missing critical requirements.

✓ Absence of software packages for specific business industry.

✓ Need to integrate or extend existing software applications.

How we can help?

✓ Build fully functional custom applications from the ground up.

✓ Build stacks of your custom applications such as UI, logic, APIs, database.

✓ Build custom software to integrate with third party vendors.

✓ Initiate, plan, execute and close software development.

Custom Programming

✓ Mobile applications: mobile websites, hybrid apps, native apps.

✓ Web applications: responsive web apps that connect to databases or external APIs.

✓ Desktop applications: Windows apps installed on a desktop or server.

✓ System integrations: share data from your application with third party software of external APIs.

✓ Content management: websites, social media, graphic design, internet marketing.

Other Services

✓ Office 365: setup and configuration, development and integration with other software. Develop team sites and workflows with SharePoint allowing you to share data and automate business processes.

✓ Windows Azure: setup and configuration, platform development and integration, services deployment and maintenance. Services offered: web/mobile/API applications, SQL and NoSQL databases, blob and table storage, virtual machines, load balancing, VPN, active directory, backup and more.

✓ Team Foundation Services: setup and configuration, user and source code management, merging and branching, agile processes and more.